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Inferno Pilates

Level 2


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2-3 days

About the Course

Inferno Hot Pilates

Level 1
By Gabi Walters, founder of Inferno Hot Pilates.


Hot Yoga and Pilates Oakville

178 Lakeshore Rd East (2nd flr)

Oakville, ON L6J 1H6

May 24-26, 2024

Friday 7:30am-5:30pm Saturday 7:30am-5:30pm Sunday7:30am-5:30pm

$1,299.99 USD Super Early Bird 24APR2024 $1,499.99 USD Early Bird unitil10MAY2024 $1999.99 USD Regular Price

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More Information

During the training, you will learn how to teach a 60 minute Inferno Hot Pilates Class. You will learn Pilates Principles, Sequences, Signature Moves, and How to Become an Effective Instructor.


The three 3 day training gets you started for an Inferno Hot Pilates certification. Full certification in Inferno Hot Pilates requires 75 hours practice teaching, a graduation class, and completion of all the reading materials. You will have up to one year to complete everything. Most people finish in 3-6 months.


This is not a "Traditional Pilates" certification which uses the equipment and apparatus. That is completely different and I would refer you to Balance Body University. They have programs in all the equipment including the reformer.



Daily Schedule.

7:15 am   Arrive 

7:30 am   Presentation

12:00 pm Master Class

1:00 pm   Lunch Break (90 MIN)

2:30 pm   Presentation

5:30 pm   Wrap Up

6:00 pm   End



Topics Covered in the 3 days

 1. Pilates Principles

2. Sequencing

3. Music to voice ratio  

4. Articulation

5. Motivation, Passion  

6. Body Language

7. Stance 

8. Commands / Cues

9. Tabata / Use of timer  

10. Playlists

11. Modifications

12. Demos  

13. Flow

14. Alignment

15. Savasana

16. Language Patterns

17. Sales (how to sell your class)

18. Showmanship

Materials or Resources

Inferno Hot Pilates Manual

Gymboss Timer

Link to sign up here


Inferno Pilates 

Level 2
By Aimei, Leading Inferno Pilates Teacher at Levelup Hot Yoga


Levelup Hot Yoga

500 Sheppard Ave East Suite 208

North York, Ont. M2N 6H7 

Weekend Schedule

Saturday: 1 - 9 pm

Sunday: 1 - 9 pm

CAD 1,299

Advanced sequencing with hand-weights and bands. To apply for this training, you are required to have either a Level 1 Inferno Hot Pilates Certificate or have practiced Inferno Pilates at Levelup Hot Yoga for at least 1 year.

To apply for Level 2 Certification, please email Aimei at 

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Your Instructor

Aimei, Lim

Aimei was originally a dedicated Hot Yoga practitioner who has quickly fell in love with the practice of Inferno Hot Pilates when it was first brought into her previous home studio in East York by Gabi Walters, in year 2017.

"Hot Pilates was the part that was missing from my workout schedule which is a committed, consistent, regular routine, juggling from Hot Yoga and group Zumba, aerobics and a variety of workout dance classes. It is life-changing, I see results in the way my body sculpt and tone. I feel good and is inspired to share this amazing technique that requires absolutely no athleticism beyond regular." Aimei.

Today, Inferno Hot Pilates has been experienced by many around the world and is continuing to touch the life of many in other countries and continents.

"Join me, and I will share with you my story, the secret of the Inferno Hot Pilates, the science behind it and why it works! How I truly enjoy what I do and why I'm inspired to share this amazing sequence to other future fitness instructors. It is truly a rewarding experience when you see your students change for the better, are more confident and get stronger physically and mentally!" Aimei.

The Hot Pilates craze started in Las Vegas by founder Gabi Walters in 2009, who has devel­oped the Inferno Hot Pilates class for every­one to enjoy. She opened the first Inferno Hot Pilates studio in Las Vegas in 2012.

(Sign up for her upcoming Level 1 Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher training in Toronto May 2024!)

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