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Hot Yoga 26+2

This Hot Yoga practice is one of the most therapeutic and talked about Yoga sequence that boast testimonies and personal stories about how regular practice has helped heal and mend 'broken' bodies. Practitioners learn to bend, stretch and twist again, no matter how 'old' or inflexible the bodies may seem to be in the beginning. Traditionally, this practice is known by many as Bikram Yoga.








A sneak Peak into the 26+2 sequence

A Beginner Series

The heat is a notable factor that adds on to the intensity of this beautiful Hatha Yoga practice. Going through the 26 postures trains concentration, patience, determination and self control, all of which lead to mental clarity and confidence.

The healing aspect on both the mind and body has a profound impact on one's ability to handle stress. A consistent practice creates harmony within the body, promoting the flow of energy to enhance the quality of life and is reason why this ancient practice is so unique and sworn by many Yoga practitioners.

Spending some time to understand these postures outside of the class hugely benefits and positively changes the way you practice in the hot room. 

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