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Our studio offers Certified Massage Therapy sessions that can be booked via our Levelup Hot Yoga App.

Meet our Therapists

Josie Lattip

Manager & Registered Massage Therapist

11 years of experience

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Our Treatments

Our therapists use a combination of massage techniques to address a specific problem, relieve pain, reduce stress, promote faster recovery and overall improve health and wellness. This treatment may include a deep tissue massage to break down scar tissues and get the blood circulating. Some patients may benefit by feeling some relief from chronic pain. Specific techniques and the right amount of pressure will be applied to address your specific need, and sometimes that may be a lighter touch depending on what you need on that particular day.
Deep Tissue
Deep tissue massage is a great way to manage pain and can give you a lot of relief from chronic pain. Many patients with frozen shoulder and neck pain benefit greatly from a deep tissue massage, two very common side effects of working on computers all day. Therapist may choose to apply neuromuscular, myofascial, trigger point therapy, sports massage or a combination of techniques to effectively treat the patient. Usually muscles will feel more sore after the deep tissue experience.
Relaxation massage is a smooth, gentle treatment that relieves muscular tension, increases circulation, and promotes a general sense of relaxation. This massage is performed using Swedish techniques consisting of long, rhythmic strokes and small circular movements which help to break down adhesions and promote better circulation. Unlike deep tissue massages, a relaxation massage does not address the connective tissue of the muscles. It is not intended to treat sports injuries or other discomfort and is instead used to reduce muscle tension while bringing the body back to a relaxed state. Many people seek relaxation massage treatments after a long week at work or to help improve their mental health.
Pre/Post Natal
Pre-natal and post-partum massage therapy is excellent to relieve the various aches and pains of pregnancy. Our Therapists use special techniques to help alleviate muscle tension, nerve compression and stress related to pregnancy body changes. As blood circulation is improved, swelling reduces and stress is melt away. During pregnancy, your body goes through major changes. Pregnancy massage can help with these changes by reducing stress, decreasing arms and legs swelling, and relieving muscles and joints pain. Massage may be particularly helpful when medication and other medical options may be more selective during pregnancy. Our therapist will help get you into a comfortable position by using special pillows. A Postpartum massage is a full body massage that occurs within the first 12 weeks after you give birth to your baby. Women who get a massage after giving birth helps to speed up healing and uplift the mood. Massage help relax and get the body ready for deep and restorative sleep. You may also see improved milk production and hormones regulations. Please be sure that you have spoken to your Doctor prior to getting this massage done especially after a cesarean delivery and presence of blood clots.

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Frequently Asked

Relaxing Back Massage

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy is an effective approach to pain management and rehabilitation. RMT’s are effective in treating and providing relief for a wide range of conditions such as migraine headaches, tendonitis, arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, as well as many other common conditions related to soft tissue and joint dysfunction. There is a direct link between our physical well-being and our mental or emotional state, which can be positively affected by massage therapy. Research also supports the use of massage therapy as an effective approach in injury management and rehabilitation, as well as part of a preventive care program.

What is RMT?

Ontario's Registered Massage Therapists (RMT’s) are among the most educated and highly trained professionals in the world.To become an RMT in Ontario, students must complete at least 3,000 hours of training at an accredited college. This can be compared to a university bachelor degree which typically averages 1,500 hours over four years. Standard educational requirements include comprehensive studies in health sciences such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology and neuro-anatomy. Other studies include clinical sciences such as manual skills, orthopaedics, remedial exercise, hydrotherapy and patient education. The management of chronic diseases, injuries and the effects of long-term stress are also studied extensively.

What are the Benefits Massage Therapy?

Getting your skin and muscles pressed or rubbed can compensate for the lack of movement a lot of people are going through. Craving for human touch or interaction. A massage treatment may seem like a luxury for many, but perhaps the benefits of reduced stress, increased relaxation, reduced pain and muscle tension and overall improved joint mobility and immune function in the human body are suggesting this may be a need rather than simply a 'want'. Recent studies show higher levels of psychological and physiological relaxation in people are observed after only 10 minutes of receiving a massage therapy. This helps reduce depression and anxiety that co-exist with the emotional state of the mental health. Neck and back pain seems to be a common complaint these days, as a result of spending too many hours sitting in front of the computer. Many individuals are dealing with some kind of postural stress that tends to manifest in the shoulders and neck. Chronic back pain is the number one reason for missed work days and second most common cause of disability. Having a back issue is often the result of incorrect or poor posture while standing or sitting. Being overweight, having poor posture, and repetitive movements may also contribute to the strain on the back and other potential problem areas. As a result, the added strain often causes spasms, pain, and tense muscles in the hips, glutes, back, neck, and legs.

Is it a great idea to combine Yoga and Massage Therapy together?

Definitely an excellent idea! One a practice and the other a therapy that have similarities in many ways. They both benefits from the detoxifying and oxygenating effect from increased blood flow, promote flexibility, increase range of motion and excellent stress busters. The twisting, bending, and compression that takes place during a Yoga practice helps to massage the internal organs, making it an excellent way to gently promote their healthy functions.

Why A Massage treatment after a Yoga or Pilates workout is a fantastic idea?

The action of massage treatment reduces lactic acid that builds up in the body after an intense Pilates or HIIT class and this helps the body to recover more quickly. When deeper connective tissue and fascia is worked on during a massage, the effects will encourage your freshly stretched muscles to stay at their increased length, echoing and sealing in the extra benefits of a Yoga practice.






All massage treatments must be pre-booked via our online App or on the website. We do not accept walk-ins. All new patients will be prompted to create an account with us. Existing Yoga Studio members will use the same email account ID to book treatments.


We require your VISA/MSTR credit card information at the time of booking. Payment will be processed at the end of your service. We do not accept CASH or CHECKS. Receipts are sent via email and if applicable, will include details that can be used for your insurance claims purposes.


We practice a 24 hours cancellation policy. This can be done by logging into your App or simply cancel on the reminder email that we send you prior to your appointment. Patients who fail to show up for their scheduled appointment time will not be scheduled for future appointments. There is a charge of $60 for all Late-Cancels and No-Shows appointments. Gift Certificates may be forfeited for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice and No-Shows.


Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment. In the event that a patient arrives late to the appointment, the Therapist can only make the best out of the time left. Patient will still be charged for the time allocated to the appointment. ​


In the event when patients feel unwell on the day of appointment, please contact the Therapist directly. Exceptions will be made to last minute emergencies and sickeness, no charges will then be incurred. However, if you simply do not show up for your appointment, please note that you will be charged $60 as per our no-show policy. Pay attention to these contagious or illnesses that may require to rest and reschedule or cancel your appointment. Covid-19, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Fever, Chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps, Meningitis, Hepatitis A, Conjunctivitis, Rubella, Head Lice, Impetigo, Influenza, Meningococcal Disease, Polio, Ringworm of the body, feet or scalp, Scabies, Thrush, Whooping Cough and the Common Cold.


Patients must not bring children that will be left unsupervised by an adult during a massage treatment.

Massage for Minors

Massage for minors is allowed only under special circumstances and with the consent and presence of the parent/guardian during the session. In this case, parents must decide to stay in the treatment room the whole time as the front main door must be locked at all times whenver a session is in progress.

Cell Phones and Music Players

Cell phones and music playing devices must be turned off prior to treatment as a courtesy to other patients who may be receiving a massage treatment at the same time in the other room.

Therapists code of practice towards patients

We welcome feedbacks about the effectiveness of the work, situations that may have been uncomfortable for you, massage techniques that you enjoyed, massage techniques that you did not like, which is very important.​ If any techniques applied makes you feel uncomfortable, stop and tell your therapist immediately. They will not be offended.​


We do not tolerate harrasments, by words, physical or any sort towards our Thereapists. In the event that a patient makes our Therapist uncomfortable, the treatment will be stopped immediately and patient will be asked to leave. No refund will be given and patient will be barred from coming in the future. Vice-versa, our patients will be treated with respect with appropriate boundaries.

Code of practice

Massage therapists do not work within the parameters of licensed medical professionals. Therefore, massage therapists do not diagnosis or prescribe for a particular body dysfunction; nor may they provide treatment for a specific condition. The massage therapist is required to refer you for diagnosis and to follow recommendations of your physician.​The massage therapist is a skilled practitioner of safe, structured touch that is beneficial for many life aches and pains. Massage professionals are trained in the use of manual techniques to normalize the soft tissue of the body. Therapeutic massage is intended to be a health-enhancing system that promotes body balance and efficient body function. Massage treatments stimulate the natural restorative processes of the body and mechanically reduces muscle tension. These methods may not be used to diagnose or treat any specific, preexisting condition without written permission from your physician.

NOTE: New patients will be prompted to create a client profile when booking appointment for the first time. Existing Yoga studio members will use the same log in ID to book Massage treatment.

*Payment are not required at the time of booking. Please note that you will need to register a method of payment in order to book a Massage Therapy Appointment. A formal receipt can be issued upon request for insurance claim purpose after treatment and payment is completed.

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