Who We Are

"We are teachers and students of movement and breath, sharing our passion and lifetime learning of Yoga and Pilates concept.


Continuously exploring ongoing trends to create a difference in the way you train and think, ultimately impacting your life in a positive manner."



The Owners


Aimei L.

" My first encounter with Hot Yoga was in 2007 when I walked into a Bikram Yoga class in Vancouver. I have from then found other styles of Yoga, Pilates and BodyART all of which has kept me very intuitive , challenged and most importantly balanced in my physical and mental health. My goal is to provide a platform for others to do the same, without any pressure of having to look, feel or be a certain way. Teaching is a joy to me especially when students walk out with a new found or renewed determination to do something amazing in their life!"


Cheemun L.

" I am thankful for my first Bikram Yoga practice in 2007 in Vancouver that has ultimately change the course of my life. With a background of Sports Medicine and a history of being a young competitive athlete myself, I found the passion in teaching what I deeply understand. The muscle work and the chain reaction that every intentional breath, posture or movement can stimulate is fascinating!"



Our community is very important to us. We love to connect to each person, find out who they are and provide them with a safe space to practice, work hard or simply pause for a rest.

We are grateful for each smile and positive vibe that our students bring every time they show up for classes.

Anuja P.

Anuja P.

Energy Exchange Program

To empower our students with knowledge of their own physical body and teach them the ability to take their own practice to the next level of understanding safely and wisely.

To educate the importance of breath and mindfulness when practicing all movement class and postures by learning to first understand the uniqueness of each physical body framework without self judgement or competition.

To share the secret of going through the experience of just "being" by exploring your own potential and embracing the union between body and mind which is ultimately Yoga and life!

To enhance the quality of life by providing a multiple level platform of Yoga and movement classes designed to promote a healthy body and a flexible mind.


"Members appreciation means a lot to us. A positive review is a great way to elevate the spirit of our hardworking team of teachers and staffs.


Thank you for taking the time to write us a review! "

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Staffs & Teachers

Jessica Curry

Staff Member

Tess Miller

Studio Manager & Team Leader

Drewmore Moon

Staff Member

Sepideh Coady


Super energetic and a busy mom when she is not teaching. A high motivator and creative in her sequence. Expect a high energy class from this beautiful inspiring soul!

Natalie Wright


Deeply believes that the physical practice of yoga can be a portal to spiritual transformation. Passionate about teaching Vin to Yin and Yin, recognizing the importance of compassion and understanding supporting each student's journey to their higher self. Loves to incorporate Reiki energy in some of her Yin classes.

Thivja Sarabaskaran


Leads a calm slow flow class that will magically reach into your soul and melt all stress away. Her soft demeanor, comforting and almost poetic style of teaching is heart warming and energetically lift the spirit.

Stephen Webb


Leads a calm and intuitive class, enpowered by a voice that is kind, allowing and grounding. A humble and skillful teacher who is very knowledgeable in the Ashtanga and Bikram series. A humble character with a vast experience in body work and Yoga, he will enlighten and elevate your experience in the hot room.

John Dadosky


A great teacher who loves to add a touch of humour in his class.

Jennifer Doheney


Melt your stress away with Jen! She has the ability to take you beyond movement. Super strong and grounded teacher.

Christine Hobeika


Soft and gentle approach style of teaching. Her experience and knowledge in the various styles of yoga definitely shows in her classes.

Todd M


Driven with great passion to teach his acquired Yoga knowledge from India. Lead a slow flow power class with longer holds that is super challenging! Expect a calm and gentle music selection.

David Fair


Precise, accurate and observant. His curiousity in the hows and the whys of every physical body placement in Yoga postures or stance is displayed in his every class.

Maria Bernal


Very observant and always offer helpful correction. Accurate in her instructions with years of teaching in the hot room. Yoga and Pilates is her favourite class to teach!

Alex Paredes


A born flexible Yogi with an inner fire to teach the language of movement. He teaches with a big smile and excel in narrative with his body language! Alex takes almost everything to the next level!

Natasha Ming


Loves getting a good sweat on and testing her physical boundaries. Her jam is the powerful physical side in the practice of Yoga. Amazing Inferno Pilates and HIIT teacher! Another version of her comes in another whole new dimension when she winds you down into a gentle stretch.