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After trying out the 2 Weeks Introduction Package, what next?

Amazing, now that you have experienced some of the classes on schedule, you are probably thinking of what kind of packages or membership best suit you.

After trying out the 2 Weeks Introduction Package, what next?

Generally, most new students would have been able to try out at least 4-5 classes of their choice or the ones that are recommended to them. If you are working towards a specific goal that requires consistency and a frequent participation, then choosing a no hassle, unlimited type of membership will give you the most value for money and the best results. Students who are enrolled in the Annual Membership or the Monthly Membership Auto-Renew program are often the ones that experience the most positive changes and a better overall experience with our class programs.

Auto-Renew payments will require a valid Credit Card on file and if you do not have one, the One Month Pass can be another option for unlimited classes without any commitment to renew. Annual Membership is best if you have the money to pay for the whole entire year upfront.

However, if you are a traveler or have multiple memberships at various facilities, you may want to consider purchasing class cards as a more affordable alternative than to paying a single class each time you drop in for your favorite class! These class packages have an expiry date of 6 months and the 20 Class Package can also be shared with a family member or a workout buddy.

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