2. Are all the classes performed in the hot room? If yes, then how hot does it get?

Yes, almost all of our classes are taught in a medium to high heated humidified environment. Temperature ranges from 95 degrees Farenheit (35 degrees Celcius) to about 104 degrees Farenheit (40 degrees Celcius).

If you love and adore heat, great! The hottest class is Bikram Yoga which has been a faithful practice that has been sworn by many to heal, energize, change and transform the body and mind. The heat will quickly warm your muscle up for all twist, stretch and compression that comes with this effective spine series.

Inferno Hot Pilates is also another very popular class performed in a medium heated room. Imagine working out your abs, core, legs and cardiovascular with fun, motivating music, energetic instructor and oh boy, you will definitely sweat by the end of this class! HIIT Yoga and Yoga Sculpt are also two other awesome heated classes that will spice up the routine of regular Yoga practitioners and all movement lovers out there.

Our Hot Vinyasa Flows are performed in a medium hot temperature room to allow muscles to warm up quickly so you will not need to go through a longer warm up sequence that is usually needed in a cold or non heated room. Practicing in a heated room is excellent as not only you will feel more relaxed, your muscles are ready, not tight and rigid.