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Why Movement Quality Is Important

What is Inferno Pilates
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  • A good form and technique is going to protect you from injury, increase your performance and get results. Focus in moving properly, putting your joints in the correct positions so you're able to work your muscles within the biomechanically efficent and safe range of motion.

Good form also makes your workout more efficient. With bad technique, you’ll end up expending more energy than you need to.

Training to enhance movement quality often includes mobility, flexibility, balance, stability and strength. It is one of the biggest keys to achieve great results in all exercise endeavours.

A Common Cue "Knees Over Toes" and How Important It Really Is

It is true when the knees travels over your toes in squats or lunges position that there is a shearing force placed on your knees. Fortunately for healthy knees, this is not a problem as your knees can handle this.

However, it is true for those with existing knee injury or undergoing knee therapy to keep knees over toes in chair, squats or lunge positions. In early stage of knee rehab, it is important to pay attention to this alignment. In a group training it is common to hear this cue given as a general "rule" or precaution. Our knees are pretty capable when they're healthy.

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Fun facts

Some says that our every expression is also a movement. Notice how thoughts, emotions and behaviours are also movements pattern invisible to the naked eyes just like the blood flow circulating inside our body and the breath that flows in and out- regenerating new cells.

In Yoga practice, there is a constant flow of energy in and through our bodies that affects the harmony in our daily life. If we are constantly rushing, all this will ripple the effect of stress and unbalance. However, when we are consciously present with our body, moving in mindful ways, there is a supportive rhythm and flow that leads us to our next evolving movement.

The quality of the movement we choose is what we then magnify in our bodies as we ‘move’, and this is the energy that is circulating through us. We are in constant expression and relationship with all that surrounds us through the way we move.

*All informations provided in this website are not meant to treat, diagnose or replace those of a certified physician, physical therapist, doctors, chiropractors etc.

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