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Incorporating Strength Training With HIIT

What is Inferno Pilates
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  • Strength training is important for the health of your heart, build stronger muscles, bone density, good posture, improve physical coordination and better weight management.

  • HIIT can help with quick fat loss and while strength training gives you lean looking and more pronounced muscle mass, shaping your body.

How building muscles can help rid of fat and burn calories?

The more muscle mass you have, the higher your resting metabollic rest rate is, which means you'll be burning more calories when performing basic functions.

When performing quick bursts of intense exercise, you are going as hard as you can, at 100% effort. Your body kicks into an anaerobic state, deprived of free oxygen. Your body transform fat into glucose which feeds as en energy source for your muscles to use as fuel. Strength training plus HIIT will help burn fat and increase your metabolism.

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Fun facts

The true culprit that leads to bulky physiques is fat accumulation. Excessive body fat is what causes both men and women to look bulky. There can be many reasons to excessive body weight, and this is where you have to take the active role of investigating the cause. Perhaps a healthier diet or unhealthy eating habits could me the culprit.

A healthy physique nearly always requires a fairly low body fat percentage to achieve. Incorporating some amount of strength training can help accomplish this.

Eat healthy, and eat less.

*All informations provided in this website are not meant to treat, diagnose or replace those of a certified physician, physical therapist, doctors, chiropractors etc.

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