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Sign-up and Check-In
All students must pre-register online for all classes. Some of our classes fill up quickly and by pre-booking, your spot is guaranteed. Members who fail to show up for their classes at least 5 mins before a fully booked class will risk their spot being given away to another member on the waitlist at the studio. You must check-in at the front desk upon arrival. Please arrive and leave no more than 20 minutes prior to and after your class to allow time for turnover and studio disinfection between classes.
When a class is fully booked, you have the option to add your name to the waitlist. Once a spot opened up, you will be automatically bumped into class from that waitlist. Please remember that late-cancel will apply to a waitlist that have been bumped into class and cancelled in less than 5 hours to class start time.
Late-Cancels and No-Shows
Late-cancels/no-shows charges of $15 per class will be charged to members who frequently abuse the booking system. Your account may be flagged and will subsequently hinder your booking privileges in our studio. Cancellations can be done easily through your reminder emails or on the Levelup Hot Yoga App under My Schedule.
All purchase are non-refundable, non-extendable and non-transferable including new students intro, memberships, workshop, events, single and all class packages. Classes are subject to availability. We cannot guarantee all unlimited memberships a spot in a class that is fully booked.
Holiday Schedule
Class schedules are subject to change and modified according to the operational needs of the studio, workshops and special events. Holiday schedules are informed via email and posted online for easy booking. On long weekend and holidays where there is limited classes on schedule, members are limited to pre-booking only one class per day. Please note that the second booking will be cancelled automatically without notification should a member choose to ignore our studio's booking policy.
Lost & Found
Yoga Mats, Bottles, Attires etc. will be donated after one month when not claimed. Our studio is not responsible for any personal belongings which are left behind in our studio.
Membership Issues
All requests pertaining memberships must be written to Studio Manager: Tess Miller All membership holds, if applicable are subjected to conditions. Hold period must be minimum 14 days and cannot be less than 3 months apart from the last/ next hold period. All membership cancellation notification must be submitted via written email instructions with at least 10 days notice prior to hold/cancellation to
Expired Card / Non-Sufficient Fund Penalty
There is a NSF ( Non Sufficient Fund) penalty charge of $25 that will automatically apply to all Auto-Payment program such as Monthly Membership that requires a credit card on file. Members are responsible to update their credit card information and provide sufficient fund prior to every renewal period. Irregardless of usage, members are responsible to inform the studio at least 14 days before their next payment date is due should they decide to terminate the auto-payment contract.
Karma / Charity Events
All Karma/Charity Class accepts cash only payable at the studio before or on day of event. All other events or workshop requiring pre-registration and pre-payment are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and not-transferable. No shows or cancelling an event/workshop booking will not incur a refund and class session purchased will be deemed used/void.
Private Event / Classes
All applications for holding private events at the studio are communicated via email to and require a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking with full payment due at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
Hot Yoga Room Temperature
Hot room temperature is only a set guideline and we cannot guarantee the exact temperature of 104 degrees farenheit at all times. Teachers cannot entertain request to change the heat setting of a room for one person in a group class setting.
Arrival Time
To ensure everyone is ready for their practice, please be on your mat at the start time of class. Once class has started, the main studio door will be locked and you will not be able to enter.
After entering the room for a Yoga class, keep conversation to a whisper or none at all. Many people prefer to meditate before a Hot Yoga or Yin class. Unlike other high energy classes like Inferno Pilates, please use discretion and mindful practice as you learn to navigate around the different classes.
Please remove shoes in the lobby area and check in at the front desk prior to going to the change rooms. Be mindful of slipping on similar looking shoes that are not yours. Indoor slippers are not allowed inside the hot room with the exeption of staff on duty.
If you sweat a lot, we suggest that you bring an extra large towel to wipe off any sweat puddle pooling or surrounding your yoga mat in the hot room especially after a hot class to avoid anyone slip and fall. Please act responsibly and be considerate to other members.
Odour / Fragrance
We keep our studio space perfume-free and we recommend you to make use of our shower facility should you need to rinse off perfume residue after a long day at work before entering the hot room. Please be mindful of personal hygiene when practicing or training in a group setting.
Our shower facilities are meant for a quick rinse off and not a place to take long showers, hair removal, hair dye, mask etc. Unfortunately, this will cause longer wait times for students and extra cleaning that will delay the smooth operation of the studio.
After using studio props like blocks,bands, handweights etc, please return them to their storage for our team to sanitize them. When carrying handweights, please use both hands and never walk over a student who is lying down. Props may only be used as directed by teacher on shift.
Please use your cellphone discreetly and be aware of your surroundings if you are doing a video call. Please be adviced that video calls are not permitted in the shower/washroom areas and in the hot room. All ringers must be off and cell phones are not permitted inside the hot room at all times with exception to staff on shift.
Glass Bottles
Glass bottles are not permitted inside the hot room at all times. Accidents happen and when a glass bottle breaks, unfortunately, this may cause the class to pause and as we are all barefoot, this will be unsafe as glass pieces may be left on the floor.
Yoga / Pilates Attire
Ladies are welcome to wear sports-bra, shorts/leggings. Men are welcome to take their shirt off in the hot room. Please note that thongs/underwear are not permitted (men/women) due to its revealing nature which can be very uncomfortable for our staff and members.
Laundry Room
This area is off-limits for members. Only staff may enter or use the facility beyond this point.

Studio Operations & Guidelines as per Ontario Public Health *since March 21st,2022

Class Capacity
Class attendance set at 80% capacity. Please follow stickers on the floor for mat placement.
Covid Symptoms
Please stay home if you feel unwell, sick or have any COVID symptoms.
Masks are optional in and around the studio area.
Air exchange is installed in practice room and bathroom to ensure periodic interchange of fresh air during and in-between classes.
Frequently touched surfaces and hot room will be disinfected between classes. Students are requested to leave promptly after class to allow our team to clean the studio.
Hand Sanitizers
Hand sanitizer stations are located around the studio.
Shower & Rental Facility
Cellphone lockers, shower stalls and bathrooms are available for use. We encourage you to shower at home whenever possible and come ready with your workout attire underneath.
Yoga Mat and Towels
Yoga Mat and towel are available for rental if needed. These items are available for purchase at the front desk. We recommend students to bring their own mat and towels.
Cork Blocks, Hand-weights and other props are available for use and sanitized between uses.

Parking Facility

Free Parking Available On-Site

Parking is complimentary all day on weekends.
Please note that Mon-Fri, parking is complimentary for a maximum of 2 hrs from 9am - 5pm. After 5 pm, you may park as long as you are using the facility. Kindly note that our studio is not responsible for any violation of parking, incidents or accidents that incur while using the facilities in and surrounding the building premises.

Nearest TTC is Bayview Station. We are located on the north-west corner of Bayview and Sheppard.

There are 3 main entry doorway into the building. We are located on the 2nd floor. On Sundays and holidays, please enter through the doorway on the South Facing Lot facing Sheppard (close to the dance studio on the main floor). All other building entrances will be locked for security purposes, allowing only as exit point on these days.

South facing Lot
South facing Lot
space & amenities


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