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Be sure to drink lots of water throughout the day. A well hydrated body is better able to sweat and dispel heat more efficiently. Bring a large bottle of water with you to class in order to hydrate moderately during the workout and right after class.

Arrive early to get in the right head space so you can tune into a more relaxed mindset for class. Change into your yoga attire, head into the hot room and find a comfortable spot to set up your mat.  Using a well-designed yoga mat that has a good grip is a great investment for a good workout. Be sure to put a yoga towel down on your mat because even a quality mat will get slippery due to all the sweating. Spend a few minutes on your back to relax, breathe, and acclimate yourself to the temperature of the room before class starts.

What to wear? Invest in a few good sports bras and a couple pairs of yoga shorts or leggings. It’s best not to wear baggy or loose clothing which will hinder your practice.


Practicing in a heated room with adequate humidity gets your heart pumping and helps train for a healthier heart and lung. Together with proper breathing technique, the increased blood flow and exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body helps nourish the deep tissues, muscles, glands and organs resulting in significant improvement of the entire cardiovascular, nervous and immune system. You will sweat a lot and feel rejuvenated after every class! The concentration required to get through a hot class will translate to your everyday life and allow you to complete tasks with increased ease. Our hottest class is Bikram Yoga while most of the other classes engaging more movements pattern are done in moderate heat with the exception of Yin Yoga practice which is performed in a comfortable room temperature.


All first class is challenging, so don’t be too hard on yourself in the beginning. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable when you start something new. When you're on your mat, you can leave your ego at the door and free yourself from judgemental thoughts. It’s the perfect venue to work through feelings of insecurity or frustration. You don't have to be flexible to do Yoga, neither do you have to be strong to take up an Inferno Pilates class! Although be mindful if you are working through personal injuries that may require some modifications on your part. We don't expect new students to work to their start at your own pace, sit down when you need to and breathe through your nose not your mouth.

If you are trying out Inferno Pilates or Hiit Yoga for the first time, please remember that these classes are designed to challenge your endurance, train your cardiovascular, work the muscles in your upper and lower body to get you into your best shape very quickly. So pace yourself as needed, keeping in mind that the room is still going to be heated to warm up your muscles quickly and get those sweat going! 

Hot Yoga and Pilates will not only get you in top-notch shape, it will help you grow spiritually and emotionally as well. The wonderful benefits of working out regularly expand far beyond the four concrete walls of the studio. Your skin looks better, your body more flexible, you will sleep better, more focussed with tasks at hand and perform better at work! Adding HIIT training into your practice will improve strength, balance, mobility and your overall posture to mention a few!

After a class, it’s beneficial to consume water-rich foods like orange, watermelon, berries, cucumber and pineapple. Some students love to replenish with an electrolyte drink, coconut water or water with lemon and touch of honey after class.

What kind of results do you expect to receive from the classes? Remember that the ultimate answer lies within yourself. Are you prepared to invest time and effort to benefit from a life-changing experience? Find a class and let's start from there.






Did you know that proper breathing technique is essential to restore our nervous system, reduce blood pressure and boost our endurance? Re-discover slow, restorative breathing technique to alleviate stress and induce relaxation. Being calm helps you bring reason into your thought process, lowers your stress level and ultimately makes you happier. A calm mind cultivates inner strength, creativity and self confidence.


The pillar of your health lies in your breath. The energy, chi or prana in the body travels through the act of breathing. The capacity of the lung can be tremendously increased just by practicing diaphragmatic breathing. Warrior breath or Ujjayi breathing helps to increase vagal tone and stimulate the parasymphathetic nervous system, good for digestion and so much more. You will even learn to train the deepest layer of your abdominal muscles just by practicing breath alone! Don't worry if this sounds like unfamiliar territory, you will soon learn all these basic ancient secrets that have been around for thousands of years!

As a beginner practitioner, you must first learn to master your breathing and soon, you will see your daily workout and practice transform and benefit tremendously! If unsure where to start, perhaps begin with a simple inhale and exhale breath through your nose. To master movement, remember that you must first master your breath. Namaste.